Professional Tax Planning and Preparation

Many people see tax planning and preparation as a frustrating ordeal that they must endure each year. Indeed, today’s tax code can quickly complicate tax preparation, even for simple personal returns. However, with the help of the Elm3 team, tax preparation can be a stress-free and informative process.

With Elm3’s in-depth knowledge of the tax code, we go beyond simply completing your tax return. We take the time to get to know you in order to provide you with accurate and applicable advice. We know the right questions to ask so your tax return is properly prepared, and by anticipating the impact of major life changes, we can advise you on how to prepare for the future.

This Is Where Experience Makes A Difference

The Elm3 team works with you to reach your long and short-term goals, while minimizing your tax liability. By working with Elm3, you will have the confidence to make the most informed decisions, allowing you to benefit from tax-efficient retirement income withdrawals, maximize on tax-cutting benefits available in the tax law, receive appropriate tax credits, and capitalize on various other tax benefits.

Elm3 provides our clients with:

  • A licensed CPA whose practice was founded on tax services
  • Over 25 years of tax planning and preparation experience
  • An experienced Enrolled Agent on staff
  • Continuing education focusing on tax and finance topics
  • Accessible, year-round services
  • Advice that accounts for your entire financial portfolio
  • Long and short-term planning
  • A high standard of accuracy that allows you to avoid audits
  • A focus on maximizing available deductions and credits

With our understanding of the totality of your financial situation – including your investments, financial needs, and estate planning goals – we are able to uncover tax saving opportunities that otherwise may go unnoticed. Our goal is to accurately prepare your tax return, minimize the amount you owe in taxes, save you time, reduce your tax-related stresses, and help you plan for the future.

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