Accountability, professionalism, and honesty are of the upmost importance at Elm3, and because we adhere to a fiduciary standard when providing investment advice, your investment needs always come first.

Additionally, as an independent firm, we are not beholden to outside interests and can recommend specific investment strategies and financial products that precisely benefit you.

Every Client Is Special To Us

Elm3 offers investment management services for retirement, education financing, estate holdings, and asset allocations. Every client receives personal attention that focuses on defining and meeting your individualized goals and objectives. After having a clear picture of your needs, our team will select only the most appropriate investments and provide solid, independent insight into the market.

  1. We start by listening and defining your needs. We realize that everyone’s financial situation is unique. We take the time to listen and understand your goals, objectives and risk tolerance so we know how to build your plan.
  1. We determine the appropriate asset allocation. Based on your individual profile, we develop an asset allocation that’s specific to you. And when your profile changes, we adjust this allocation accordingly.
  1. We develop a customized and diversified portfolio. You don’t want all your eggs in the same basket. By having the right combination of investments, your portfolio is better positioned to handle market downturns and sector swings. The goal is always to maximize returns while minimizing risk.
  1. We implement, monitor and rebalance. Once your account is funded, we implement the portfolio plan. Our team monitors your investments on a daily basis so we can make adjustments when needed. Since asset allocation is not a one-time event, we rebalance your portfolio to enhance performance and reduce risk.
  1. We take a long-term approach. Buy low, sell high – the familiar mantra of investors everywhere.  But in these days of uncertain markets, market timing is a risky proposition at best.  On the other hand, an investment strategy that has proven itself time and time again is consistent, long-term investing.  Stock market rallies tend to occur in short bursts, so missing out on a few days, by not being invested, could mean missing out on substantial gains.  Equities are an attractive investment because of their long-term growth potential. And having an investment portfolio tailored to your specific needs and timeline is a must for success. At Elm3, we believe true stability comes only with proper planning and time.

It’s The Bottom Line That Counts

We realize your greatest concern is the after-tax rate of return, and with this in mind, our portfolio managers and CPAs work hard to minimize the effect taxes have on your portfolio.  This is accomplished in part by strategically offsetting gains and losses as well as utilizing tax-efficient investments. After all, it’s the bottom line that counts.

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