We understand every client has different needs and that even the greatest successes perform better with the right plan.

Our financial planning services range from targeted plans for a specific short-term need to comprehensive plans that factor in every moving part of your life. We include personal account planning, risk minimization, disciplined money management, year-round tax evaluation, and complete portfolio review to provide comprehensive financial solutions in the short- and long-term.


Accounting for all possible income sources, Elm3 provides a projection of anticipated retirement income and an evaluation of the distribution alternatives for qualified retirement plans in order to help you plan for independence and long-term security.


Elm3 can help you plan to finance your children’s education by providing a realistic projection of the costs, evaluating sources of funding from trusts, family gifts, student grants, student earnings and family contributions, and contrasting optional account ownership.


We can review family holdings — including property, employment interests, inheritance, ownership interests and current legal documents — as well as assist you in the calculation of settlement expenses and taxes.


Our team will conduct an in-depth analysis of current investment holdings and allocations to determine the correct strategy for your objectives, thus bringing your goals and assets into alignment.

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