Social Security income is a valuable resource for retirement that protects against three significant retirement risks; inflation, market volatility and longevity.

For many retirees, this is the only income that’s guaranteed for life. Knowing when and how to file is critical if you want to maximize your benefits.

We understand how the Social Security program works. We have the tools to analyze your specific situation and develop a strategic plan for how and when to file for Social Security. And we incorporate other income sources and expenses to provide a cash flow analysis that further optimizes your filing strategy.

Benefits of Social Security planning:

  • Maximize your Social Security benefits

  • Pinpoint the best time to apply

  • Develop optimal claiming strategies

  • Determine the effects of continuing to work

  • Understand potential tax implications

  • Know how your unique family situation applies

Even if you have recently filed you may be able to change your application to increase your benefits. This can have a substantial impact when coordinating spousal benefits or wanting to maximize surviving spouse benefits. We can review your current filing status to determine if you need to make any changes.

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