5 Strategies for Managing Your Student Loans

2023-09-21T18:50:51-04:00September 21st, 2023|Blog, Financial Planning|

No matter how you slice it, the cost of college can be quite high. Tuition rates rose by 69% between 2000 and 2021, and they continue to skyrocket. As a result, more and more Americans are taking out student loans to afford a degree. In fact, as of 2021, 13% of Americans had a [...]

4 Social Security Myths That Could Impact Your Benefit

2023-08-24T15:06:36-04:00August 24th, 2023|Blog, Financial Planning, Retirement|

Social Security is one of the most widely-used and misunderstood retirement programs in the country. Many misunderstandings arise from the fact that Social Security is a complex system with diverse rules around how benefits are calculated, received, and taxed. However, it's important to have all of the correct information when planning your Social Security [...]

Elm3’s Guide to Investing in a 401(k)

2023-07-17T19:06:10-04:00July 17th, 2023|401k, Blog, Financial Planning, Investments, Retirement|

While earlier generations may have relied on pension plans to fund their retirement, most workplaces have moved towards defined contribution rather than defined benefit plans. Many pension plans were defined benefit plans, which promised a certain benefit at retirement. These plans required employers to assume the risk that the invested funds would underperform the [...]

5 Summertime Activities That Can Impact Your Taxes

2023-06-02T14:07:23-04:00June 2nd, 2023|Blog, Financial Planning, Taxes|

Summer is here, and you may be ready to hit the pool, enjoy a BBQ, or just relax in the sunshine. As you enjoy the warmer and longer days, keep in mind that some of your undertakings may impact your 2023 taxes. If you participate in any of the below summertime activities, make sure [...]

5 Steps for Building Better Spending Habits

2023-05-19T14:07:51-04:00May 19th, 2023|Blog, Financial Planning|

Reducing spending can be one of the hardest financial planning tasks. You may create and try to stick to a budget and find that you are still spending more than you desire. One way to reduce spending involves categorizing your top spending categories and identifying one financially-beneficial microhabit to build over the course of a month. [...]

5 Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

2023-04-21T12:22:15-04:00April 21st, 2023|Blog, Financial Planning, Taxes|

Opening a small business can be incredibly gratifying. You can pursue your own passion. You can set your own hours and be your own boss. You can enjoy the confidence and independence that comes with being an entrepreneur. However, managing the finances and tax burden of a small business can be challenging, especially if [...]

How to Protect Your Bank Deposits

2023-05-11T14:56:28-04:00March 17th, 2023|Blog, Financial Planning, Investments|

With Silicon Valley and Signature Bank failing during the past week, many savers are concerned about their bank deposits. Are your banks at risk of failing? What happens to your money in the event of a bank collapse? It may help to better understand the reasons behind the recent bank failures. For starters, Silicon [...]

5 Lessons to Learn From Your Form 1099

2023-03-17T15:25:20-04:00February 17th, 2023|Blog, Taxes|

Tax documents are likely hitting your mailboxes and inboxes, and as you receive W-2s, 1099s, and other documents, you may be tucking them away for your tax preparer. Even if you do your own taxes, many programs allow you to upload your documents, and the program will review and input information for you, without [...]

5 Considerations When Filing Your 2022 Tax Return

2023-03-01T18:15:02-05:00February 10th, 2023|Blog, Taxes|

The weather is getting warmer. The days are getting longer, and the seasons shifting can only mean one thing: tax season is here again. Shifting from pandemic-specific tax rules that applied in 2021 into a post-Inflation Reduction Act world may be causing some confusion for taxpayers. What credits still apply? Which don’t? How will [...]

5 Tax Considerations After the Passing of a Loved One

2023-02-08T21:21:28-05:00February 8th, 2023|Blog, Taxes|

When a spouse, friend, or relative passes away, tax considerations are the last thing on our minds. Many of us are focused on the grief of loss and immediate funeral or memorial considerations. It may be helpful to work with a tax professional during this difficult time, such that someone else can manage the intricacies [...]