Today, most of us depend immensely on our cellphones. I use mine to check in to flights, buy groceries, search the internet, and text and call my friends and family.

However, while cell phones are essential for many people’s lives, your cellphone bill could be a huge drain on your funds. Most bills runs $100 or more a month, making it difficult to save needed money. However, there are a few ways to cut down on your cell phone spending.

1. Review your monthly usage

In the past, I paid for 5 GB of data each month, but when I reviewed my usage, I saw I was using less than 3 GB of data each month. You too could be wasting money on data. Pull your monthly data, minutes, and text usage reports, and check them against your monthly caps. If you are paying for more data than you are using, go onto a smaller plan. You can also check in with a customer service representative if you need assistance in analyzing your monthly usage.

2. Connect to WiFi

Whether you are sitting at the local coffee shop or walking through the zoo, many places offer free WiFi. Instead of using unnecessary data, check for free WiFi and login to access it. Apps like Yelp will also tell you if the place you are visiting, whether it be a restaurant or a bookstore, has free WiFi available.

3. Cut your texting plan

There are a ton of free apps that allow you to text or message friends and family, so there’s no real need for a texting plan. Simply download Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, or any other messaging app to use instead. You can use many WiFi if you want to reduce costs even more.

4. Shop other plans

Check with other service providers regularly to review their prices for comparable plans. Doing so will allow you to better understand what’s out there and avoid overpaying for no reason.

In addition, many service providers will pay for your termination fee to get out of existing contracts. Simply call, tell them your situation, and see what they’re willing to offer you.