Big Technology Stocks Dominate ESG Funds

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By: Akane Otani Feb 10 ,2020 Source: Wall Street Journal ESG investing is an investment strategy that seeks to consider both financial return and social, ethical/ environmental awareness.  ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance.  ETFs and mutual funds that market themselves as sustainable investments aren’t necessarily focused on companies that fight climate change, develop [...]

Tax Friendly Retirement States

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Georgia ranks as one of the most tax friendly states for retirees. Georgia does not tax Social Security benefits and provides a deduction of $65,000 per person on all types of retirement income for those individuals 65 and older. Most counties within Georgia also provide for additional senior exemptions as a means to lower [...]

February Tax Update

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With us being three months out from April 18, what are things you should be considering? Notably, it's important to get your taxes done as early as possible to avoid identity theft, but there are a number of other important deadlines and headlines that you should take into consideration going into this short, chilly month. February 1st [...]

Happy Holidays!

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As 2015 comes to a close, we can't help but look back and think about what a wonderful year this has been for us at ELM3. We have continued to grow our family, we have expanded the services we offer, and more than anything else, we have continued to have the privilege of serving our cherished [...]

Financial Planning for Every Stage of Life: Starting Your Career

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Like snowflakes and fingerprints, each individual's financial plan is utterly unique. Yet unlike fingerprints, one's financial plan must be pliable. As you grow older, your life will change — due to career, marriage, or a variety of other factors — and as your life changes, so must your financial plan. With this in mind, it's important to [...]

How to increase your credit score

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We highly recommend you check your credit score regularly, but even if you do check your score, you may be unsure as to what you should do with the number. What does it even mean? What steps can you take to increase your credit score? If you’re concerned about the latter, review these steps (while [...]

Interpreting Your Credit Score: What’s Behind the Numbers?

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You might have seen one freecreditreport.com's endearing commercials — often featuring a guitar-clad customer singing of their credit woes and reminding viewers to check their credit scores frequently. Even if you haven't, numerous advertisements, comedy routines, and advice columns serve as daily reminders of the importance of credit scores in our lives. Yet, if you take [...]

Cutting spending on clothing or decorations

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While this article focuses on shopping for clothing, these tips are also applicable to shopping for decorations or furniture. Know Your Style For the next two weeks, catalogue the clothes you wear and determine which you wear most frequently and why. Perhaps you like the fit or the material. Either way, start making a list of [...]

Cutting spending on groceries

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Write a reasonable grocery list You just read an article on the benefits of eating brussels sprouts, and even though you never eat brussels sprouts and actually think they taste like sandpaper, you spontaneously add sprouts to your list. Take a moment to rethink this decision, and remember a reasonable grocery list should... Include foods you will probably [...]

Cutting spending on entertainment

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Do some early spring cleaning For the next couple of weeks, take note of the magazines and newspapers you frequently read, the online subscriptions you frequently use, the extent to which you watch cable television, ect. Then compare your habits with your credit card bills. Are you subscribing to 10 magazines but only read two? [...]